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Recent Ride Haiku’s Part II

29 Mar

Fog is a blanket/It serves to obscure the sight/But not our vision.
Time changes for all/What does not is how we live/What’s your decision.
To climb is to strive/To strive is to live on the edge/The edge has the view.
Breathless agony/Life proving adversity/Will not cease to live.
An overcast start/Temperature is deceptive/Stuck with decision.
Friends finally met/Light comes sooner to the Ride/Morning group a blur.
Overlook flowers/Ridden with a new rider/Perfect day for ride.
Sleep a little less/Make sure your bike is working/ride a little more.
The moon shines brightly/Yet the Light is not enough/To ride danger free.
Days getting longer/Workout getting easier/Gains are elusive.
Legs are a bit tired/Faster still the route disolves/Stopped with Flat they are.
Clicked into pedals/One hundred and seven miles/Clicked out of pedals.
Lights in the distance/More hard miles in the saddle/Week comes to an end.
The calm after the storm/Not a soul on the roadway/Many in their bed.
Same route different day/Each ride is like a snowflake/Everyone Unique.
What a surprise Rain/Breadth of darkness muted well/to go up again.
Hanging with Sweety/A very nice day for a ride/Can’t wait for the next.
Chance Meeting with group/Miles to go before resting/Good day to ride long.
Light appears early/Warmth is a welcome surprise/What may the day hold.
The morning is quiet/The ride exhilarating/The day much better.
Time to find pack/Reflections of speed are bright/Such speed elusive.
Trip finds me wanting/Road becons out before me/World sleeps in silence.
Wind rain, but no fire/Windmills sprout in winds presence/Biking on the moon.
One, its cold and dark/Two, bed calls. but the bike speaks/Three, the bike prevails.
Warmer then morning/Pacelining with my Sweety/Superbowl Chow awaits.
Cold and foggy fun/Can’t keep up with my elders/Just getting started.
Stationary work/When will this finally end/No distraction helps.
Full moon shines brightly/Clouds play hide and seek with moon/Picked up hitchhiker.
Fog then mist and back/Cyclists adverse to weather/Runners don’t seem to mind.
Night envelopes me/Excessive speed not my friend/Road obscured by fog.

Started titling my Strava rides with a Hiku on January 25, 2013.