New Year

1 Jan

Started this year with the Kern Wheelmen New Years Day ride.  C and I took off from the house  with just barely enough time to make it to Beach Park by 10:00 am.  The thermometer was hovering in the high 40’s, but it seemed colder as we soft pedaled down Panorama Drive towards Manor.

At the park it looked like the turnout was smaller then last year, but there was still easily 80-100 riders.  For some reason they didn’t do the group photo before the ride started and moreover the ride actually left on time.  Inevitably the pace was too fast as people left the park trying to stay up with the faster riders and we were no different.  When C’s heart rate started running high, we slowed down and maintained a more reasonable pace. We also took the climb pretty easy, stopping about a half mile up to strip off some clothing.  At the top we were treated to cookies and hot cider.  After chatting some, we donned our jackets and headed back home.  All in all a nice ride and a great way to start the year.


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