A Solitary Pursuit

4 Apr

“Singular pursuit/Solitary definement/Bereft of contact.”

This mornings Haiku was inspired by the solitary nature of my early morning rides.  I leave the house abut 4:30 and return about 7:00 and I rarely see any other riders on my route.  Occasionally I see some lights in the distance and I’ll speed up to see who else might be crazy enough to be on a bike at this time of day and I find that I look forward to the contact.  At the same time, riding alone is enjoyable in a different way from the typical group ride in that the quality of thought during those moments of solitude is often very productive.  

We are certainly social beings, but there is a reluctant and haunting attraction to being alone from time to time.

On the bike that aloneness can be both physical and temporal.


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