Recent Ride Haiku’s

29 Mar

So black is the night/Mystery beyond light/obscuring my sight.

Wind impedes journey/Resistence is not futlile/We strive until death.

Singular purpose/Effort equals improvement/Seek extremity.

Yes the hills have eyes/Confused they watch as I pass/No need to retreat.

Today we are late/Speed makes up the difference/Time but a whisper.

Singular pursuit/Enhanced association/Either enrich us.

Our life is the same/And yet it is not the same/Choice is illusion.

The seasons change fast/Air is filled with hopefulness/A new beginning.

Climbing is suffering/Suffering transformative/Form allows function.

Asleep in their beds/I gulde silently by them/Done before they’re awake.

Computer Gremlin/How do I exercise it/Legs record ride best.



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